Protocol and Guidelines against Covid-19 spread

Protocol and Guidelines against Covid-19 spread

during sporting events organized by MOTO RAID EXPERIENCE (the application of this protocol is currently suspended)


  • This document has been prepared in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no.33 of May 16 and the Prime Ministerial Decree of October 24, 2020.
  • This document also incorporates the Guidelines published by the Sports Office of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers n.3180 of May 4, 2020.
  • The information contained is not a substitute for national and territorial government decrees and ordinances but it is supplementary to them and contextualizes the measures dictated by the technical scientific community (ISS, FMSI) as these are in constant evolution.
  • These Guidelines will be continually revised.
  • These provisions integrate the existing sporting regulations in the face of the Covid-19 problem.



The organizer will have the task of applying and enforcing (also through its delegates) these indications, adapting them to the characteristics of the event itself in relation to the type of event, the characteristics of the places, the density of attendance and the provisions of the local administrations of the places involved.

Its content is also aimed at all logistical structures supporting the events themselves.
These indications and recommendations are mainly of health and hygiene nature to be observed during all phases of preparation for the event, such as setting up and dismantling any necessary structures, and during the event itself.

The following indications are also valid for sports training activities at events, if organized by Moto Raid Experience.

The goal of this document is, therefore, to provide the staff of our organization, participants in organized sporting events and other persons possibly involved for whatever reason with a series of preventive indications aimed at minimizing the health risk of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection.

The organized events and sporting events despite their different specificity have common temporary activities that can be characterized and identified by “homogeneous areas” in relation to the possibility of contagion and therefore with identical prevention measures of a sanitary nature.


A) HEALTH TRIAGE: before accessing it is necessary that all participants in the event (pilots, accompanying persons, organization staff, event staff, press officers, photographers, media, etc.) are protected by a surgical mask correctly worn and with clean hands suitably disinfected with hydroalcoholic solution. At the entrance they will have to deliver the filled out COVID-19 self-declaration certifying the presence or absence of SARS-CoV-2 infection and contagion risks for others to the best of their knowledge. This form will be made available when accessing the area.
The organizer will keep a copy of this self-declaration.
In the TRIAGE area, the health personnel in charge will also proceed:
– first to the measurement of body temperature with a digital thermometer. In case of temperature higher than 37.5 ° C it is recommended to check the temperature again and, if the temperature increase or suspicious symptoms is confirmed, it must not be allowed to proceed to the following areas, activating the health protocols as per government provisions, including the emergency number 112 and regional toll-free numbers, and proceeding with the isolation of the subject itself and close contacts.
– then carrying out the Covid-19 rapid swab. Only after the negative outcome it will be possible to access the subsequent areas and thus take part in the event or sporting event.

All riders must also have a valid MotoAsi racing license (except in special situations).
All pilots must also respond to the questionnaire prepared by the medical staff relating to their particular situations (as examples: allergies, dysfunctions, previous surgical operations, etc. ..)
For COVID + pilots, reference will be made to the current FMSI protocol.


B) SECRETARY AND ADMINISTRATIVE CHECKS: during the administrative checks, only one pilot at a time per checkpoint will be allowed to access.
One-way entry and exit with well-defined waiting positions identified by markers.
The secretary must provide the pilot with the information about the event, the program and any other document in a sealed envelope (if possible it is preferable to put this documents online on the organizer’s website).
These are the directions to follow in the area:
• Obligation to use a surgical mask.
• Respect interpersonal distance 1 meter, preferably 2 meters.
• Availability for the staff of dispensers with alcohol-based liquid disinfectant.
• Making available this PROTOCOL and GUIDELINES of sanitary hygiene in force.
• Preventive sanitation of the premises (if indoors).
• Install “anti-breathing” dividing barriers in areas considered critical for direct contact, by way of non-exhaustive example: secretary, registration of participants / info point, if indoors.
• Post the information procedures of this PROTOCOL in the area, in the common places, in the areas of activity and in any other considered at risk
• provide for a collection system for unsorted waste for disposable protective devices and handkerchiefs.


C) TECHNICAL CHECKS: during the technical checks, only one pilot at a time per checkpoint will be allowed to access..
One-way entry and exit with well-defined waiting positions identified by markers.
These are the directions to follow in the area:
• Corridor for access to technical checks: maximum width 1.5 meters to go not side by side.
• Exit path differentiated and distant from the entry path.
• If there are more verifiers, assign stations at least 1.5 meters apart.
• Provide a sign or a spacer strip on the ground at least 2 meters from the motorcycle stopping point, where you can have the rider wait once he has handed it over for checks.
• The verifier will carry out the required checks wearing (work) gloves. At the end he will disinfect the gloves with hydroalcoholic solution before touching the next bike.
• Avoid the direct delivery to the rider of the number tables to be applied on the bike after passing the checks. These tables can preferably be left on the bike that the rider can resume after the verifier has moved to at least 2 meters from the station.


D) MOTORCYCLE PARKING AND PADDOCK: the outdoor area must be delimited and intended to accommodate motorcycles, service and assistance vehicles. Maintenance and possibly dressing of the pilots can be carried out in the area.
A maximum of 2 accompanying persons may be allowed to access for each driver.
• The areas for parking each motorcycle or for maintenance must be at least 3 meters away from each other in all directions.
• Moving with surgical mask is mandatory, except for the riders when they wear a helmet because they are about to start or end their motorbike sporting activity.
• It is advisable to prepare specific signs for the routes and movement flows for each common stopping place provided during the event.
• Provide a separate area for vehicles not necessary for servicing the motorcycles, where they can carry out any loading and unloading operations separately.
• Jackets, protections, helmet gloves, if not left on board the motorbike, must be stored in special bags, backpacks or personal bags.


E) BRIEFING BEFORE AND DURING EVENTS: to communicate all the indications relating to the behaviors to be kept in the various phases of the event, the times, the routes, etc … the briefings must take place outdoors whenever possible, in compliance with the general indications of the this PROTOCOL. If they take place indoors, people must be seated and appropriately spaced at least 1 meter in each direction.
The use of the surgical mask is mandatory for all people present.
The staff in the indoors areas must be reduced to a minimum and only for the purpose of allowing the activity to be carried out.


F) DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL: logger devices and any other device (for example GPS navigators) that are compulsorily delivered to the pilot not earlier than 5 minutes from the moment of his start must be sanitized in advance every day before delivery. All operations must be carried out wearing gloves, both by the staff and by the pilots.
While waiting for the starting signal, the pilots are obliged to respect the minimum distance of 2 meters between them and towards any other person present. When they are on the bike and wearing a helmet, this requirement is automatically met.
Since the start / finish area is an area adjacent to normal road and pedestrian traffic, the rules about public areas still apply.
Upon arrival, for the return of the logger devices and any other devices, we will proceed in the same way: wearing gloves and sanitizing the devices.


G) ROUTE AND SELECTIVE SESSIONS: since these are navigation and regularity competitions carried out on roads open to vehicle and pedestrian traffic in which compliance with the Traffic Laws is necessary, the rules provided for by current legislation and all general behavioral rules must always be followed, as well as all those reported in these guidelines.
As an example, please note the obligation to wear a surgical mask when walking in areas, even outdoors, in which it is not possible to keep the distance from other people.


H) AWARDS: the awards, when provided, must be held preferably outdoors, individually in compliance with social distancing and with the use of individual protection devices.


I) RESTAURANT: all indoors and common areas will be ventilated and sanitized according to the dispositive indications.
Access to and stay in the dining rooms, the distribution and consumption of food and the position and distances between users must follow the specific legal regulations that those who perform this service are responsible for respecting and enforcing.


L) ACCIDENTS AND FIRST AID: particular caution must be taken in the event of an accident and first aid: the procedures are the common ones adopted in general for the COVID-19 emergency, approach with new and clean gloves, Ffp2 masks and appropriate PPE, alert the race doctor on duty or, in case of impossibility, the emergency number 112.


M) MANAGEMENT OF SYMPTOMATIC CASES FOR ITINERANT AND / OR MULTI-DAY EVENTS: for any case of symptoms attributable to COVID-19, the activity of the symptomatic subject must be promptly interrupted, he must be isolated in a suitable location and the race doctor must be contacted.
Therefore it is necessary to prepare a place dedicated to isolation where to hospitalize
temporarily those who manifest the symptoms attributable to Covid-19 during activities in accordance with the provisions on the matter.
There is also a special procedure for the management of non-replaceable operators involved in the event who may show symptoms attributable to Covid-19 during the activities provided that they can carry it out in a place without direct contact with the rest of the people present at the event.
For this purpose, any kind of remote communication and information exchange must be used.


• Everyone must wear surgical masks and perform a thorough disinfection of the hands with hydroalcoholic solution.
• Limit gatherings.
• Respect the social safety distance (1 meter preferably 2)
• Avoid exchanging technical protective equipment even if clean.
• Avoid exchanging smartphones, tablets, GPS navigators and other electronic devices for personal use.
• Never touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.
• Sneeze and / or cough into a handkerchief avoiding hand contact with respiratory secretions; if you don’t have a handkerchief available, sneeze into the inside part of your elbow.
• Always drink from disposable glasses or personal bottles;
• Avoid exchange of food and drink.
• Avoid contact with parts of motorcycles stationed by other users (handlebars – saddles – accessories).
• The use of anti-breathing barriers must be provided for in areas considered critical for direct contact.
• ALWAYS have masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic solutions among the equipment available, especially in the absence of toilets to wash hands.
• Potentially infected waste (for example: disposable handkerchiefs, masks / respirators, gloves) must be disposed of according to a dedicated collection system in accordance with the law.



Unless otherwise indicated, at organized sporting events and events THE PRESENCE OF THE PUBLIC IS NOT ALLOWED.

Saluzzo, 01 March 2021

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