Start 18 June > Finish 01 July 2023

The route of the Gibraltar Race 2023 – Iberian Ring winds through a geography of incredible variety and charm that this time will touch French Pyrenees, Portugal and Spain. These are the territories where, together with Riders from all over the world, you will experience the Greatest Adventure of your Life.

Two ways to make the history


Climb the ranking of the Adventure Challenge event most famous in Europe by exploring new horizons in a challenge made up of navigation and regularity.
The fastest pilot will not win, but the most skilled in knowing how to manage himself in the 12 grueling stages of this edition!


Live the incredible experience of crossing Europe on road and off-road routes following a gpx track with your navigation device. All this by sharing the atmosphere and the bivouacs with the pilots in the race.

Breathe the Real Adventure

Ride your bike through suggestive and unexplored places and let your spirit guide you towards new horizons.

Three formulas, same spirit

Express 1

Only the first week of Race
18 June – 24 June 2023

Complete Race

From San Sebastian to San Sebastian
18 June – 1 July 2023

Express 2

Only the second week of Race
25 June – 1 July 2023

Same Classes for 2023

Class 21: all motorbikes with multi-cylinder engine (no single-cylinder therefore) with a 21ʺ front wheel
Class 19: all motorbikes with multi-cylinder engine (no single-cylinder therefore) with a 19ʺ or less front wheel
Class SC: all single-cylinder motorbikes.

Women Category: any motorcycle driven by a female rider.

Team Category: all motorbikes registered in a team of 3 pilots.

The 2023 Route

How big can be the adventure?
  • San Sebastian - Urnieta (Spain)

    18 June 2023

  • Cervera de Pisuerga (Spain)

    19 June 2023

  • Freixo de Espada a Cinta (Portugal)

    20 June 2023

  • Alpalhao (Portugal)

    21 June 2023

  • Aracena (Spain)

    22 June 2023

  • Algeciras (Spain)

    23 June 2023

  • Malaga (Spain)

    24 June 2023

  • Rest Day - Malaga (Spain)

    25 June 2023

  • Almeria (Spain)

    26 June 2023

  • Archena (Spain)

    27 June 2023

  • Villarluengo (Spain)

    28 June 2023

  • Zaragoza (Spain)

    29 June 2023

  • Sos del Rey Catolico (Spain)

    30 June 2023

  • San Sebastian - Urnieta (Spain)

    1 July 2023

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