Assistance & Motorbikes Transport

Assistance & Motorbikes Transport

Here follows the list of companies offering their services for assistance and/or transport of motorbikes of participants

In addition to costs and to a brief description, there are the contacts of each one for more information and/or to arrange directly the selected services.




  • Transport of the motorbike ITALY – PRAGUE = Euro 320
  • Transport of the baggage ITALY – PRAGUE = Euro 70
  • Transport of the motorbike PRAGUE – ITALY = Euro 320
  • Trasporto of the baggage PRAGUE – ITALY = Euro 70
  • Paddock Package (PraRiPra) = Euro 900
  • Transport of 1 baggage or 1 pair of tires / wheels / mousses = Euro 100
  • Membership fee 2022 = Euro 45


TRANSPORT SERVICE (Italy-Prague-Italy):

  • Loading and unloading of the motorbike near Modena or Rimini
  • Standard baggage, max sizes 80x40x35 cm, max weight 30 kgs (standard “Dakar” crate)
  • A pair of wheels or tires packed are considered a standard baggage.



  • Covered area with tables and chairs
  • Transport of 1 standard baggage, max sizes 80x40x35 cm, max weight 30 kgs (standard “Dakar” crate)
  • Use of standard mechanical equipment and compressor


The fee does not include:

  • Professional mechanic
  • Flight ticket
  • Everything not listed in the descriptions above

For information and reservation:

Azzurrorosa Rally Team

P: +39 3334854803 Bettini
P: +39 3332680823 Amadori



F.Z. FACTORY di Fabio Zanone

  • Assistance + transport roundtrip = Euro 2500
  • Assistance only = Euro 1800
  • Extra baggage, max sizes 80x40x35 cm, max weight 30 kgs (Dakar crate) = Euro 100



  • Prices shown are valid for a minimum of 7 motorcycles
  • Assistance includes: daily full maintenance, tyres changing service (tyres not included), transport of the motorbike spare parts during the route, small repairs to restore the motorbike in case of failure or tumble. In case of major repairs, the additional cost will be evaluated according the conditions of the motorbike.
  • Transport includes: the motorbike, a crate (sizes 80x40x40 or 80x35x45 cm) from Italy (our headquarters) to the start line and from the finish line to Italy (our headquarters).
  • The place of loading and unloading motorbikes in Italy is our headquarters in VIGONE (TO)
  • In case of unreparable failure or damage, the motorbike will be transported on the assistance truck that follows the race.

For information and reservation:


P: +39 3471588635
P: +39 3385640538

Do you want to register your own assistance team or you are an assistance team that wants to register?

Here follows the fee for each assistance people and each assistance vehicle

  • Assistance people registration fee: Euro 300 (it is not due if the assistant purchases the overnight stay and meals package)
  • Assistance vehicle registration fee: Euro 500 (it includes the space at the bivouacs to carry out maintenace)
  • Overnight stays and meals package: Euro 1200 in twin room (single room supplement Euro 450); this package is valid for travel mates too.


If you want to register or purchase any of the above solutions, please write an email to

Do you need advice?

If you need further information, please contact us directly at +39 324 5445344