Gibraltar Race is the Adventure Challenge open to amateurs of at least 18 years old and with a valid driving licence for the motorcycle they are riding.
Each motorbike must be road legal in the Country where it is registered. All papers, plates and insurance must be valid in the countries crossed minimum 7 days after the end of the event.

All the motorbikes suitable for on and off road use are permitted. 

Each pilot in order to take part in the Gibraltar Race must know and accept the General Regulation.



Full Race: June 19 – July 02, 2022

Express 1: June 19 – June 25, 2022

Express 2: June 26 – July 02, 2022

This general program may be modified before the start for reasons not depending on the Organization. The places listed may be not yet the definitive ones.

A GPS navigator or a smartphone or tablet with appropriate apps and one chronometer are the only tools to be used during Gibraltar Race. There are navigators and apps which are totally suitable for the Adventure Challenge formula and other ones which are not.

ADVENTURE CHALLENGE in a nutshell: waypoints must be achieved in order to avoid penalties. They will be provided to participants every day, before the start of each stage, by uploading the file .GPX format on the GPS device or app of each pilot. There are exact times and time intervals set that you must respect to avoid penalties.

Both the navigators or the apps used must be able to read the .GPX format file.

Each participant must be equipped with the USB connection cable of his device.

The organization will not be responsible if it is not possible to load or display correctly all the information contained in the .GPX file for each stage.

The transit and the time at each waypoint will be checked by an individual GPS logger, combined with GPS tracker (balise) used as safety device, both provided to the pilot by the Organization.

The Sign up

Registrations begin on September 25, 2021 and they will end on May 16 2022 or when achieving the limit of 99 participants.

Starting order

The starting order of the 1st stage will match the order of registration.

The registration fee

  • The registration fee by November 20 2021 = Euros 3,500. It is possible to pay an advance of € 1,200 to fix the price and pay the balance by 20/02/22.
  • The registration fee by February 20 2022 = Euros 3,800.
  • The registration fee from February 21 2022 and up to May 16 2022 = Euro 4,100.

The registration fee includes overnight stays in a double room, breakfasts and dinners.

Single room supplement: Euro 450

Gibraltar Race Express Formula

  • You can also participate in the Gibraltar Race Express Formula.
  • It lasts half. You can join the Part 1 or the Part 2.
  • Part 1 from 19th of June to 25th of June 2022.
  • Part 2 from 26th of June to 2nd of July 2022.

The registration fee by November 20 2021 = Euros 2,100. It is possible to pay an advance of € 900 to fix the price and pay the balance by 20/02/22.
The registration fee by February 20 2022 = Euro 2,250.
The registration fee from February 21 2022 and up to May 16 2022 = Euro 2,450.

The registration fee includes overnight stays in a double room, breakfasts and dinners.

Single room supplement: Euro 250


Gibraltar Race is for motorbike riders only. All the motorbikes suitable for on and off road use are permitted. 

Motorbikes and pilots are divided into following classes and categories:

  • Class 21: all motorbikes with multi-cylinder engine (no single-cylinder therefore) with a 21″ front wheel

  • Class 19: all motorbikes with multi-cylinder engine (no single-cylinder therefore) with a 19″ or less front wheel

  • Class SC: all single-cylinder motorbikes

  • Women Category: any motorcycle driven by a female rider
  • Team Category: all motorbikes registered in a team of 3 pilots.  


  • Each rider competes for the overall standings and for the class or the category (one only) selected when he registered.
  • The top 3 places in the overall standings and the top 3 ones of each class and category will be rewarded.
  • The ranking is based on the scoring of the SS (Selective Sessions) of each stage and the score of any Prologue.
  • For each SS you will be informed of the travel time to be respected. Any gap, in plus or minus, will result in the application of penalty points. So it is advisable to equip with a simple chronometer. For each SS the total lenght and the number of waypoints will be shown.
  • Penalty points imposed for missed waypoints or for infringements of the General Regulation will be added to the total score.
  • For the teams the score taken into account will be the worst one among the members.
  • The members of each team are obliged, under penalty of disqualification, to complete the route together. The difference in transit time at waypoints between the first and last member of the same team must not exceed 30 seconds. For each second of difference a penalty point will be added to the team score.


  • Before the start of each stage the list of waypoints numbered will be provided in GPX format file. They must be reached according to the right order (they are numbered) to complete the route of Gibraltar Race.
  • If you skip any waypoint, the reverse route, to reach it, it is not allowed (or you will be disqualified) and the penalty for missed waypoint will be imposed anyway.
  • Even in the case of serious violations of General Regulation of Gibraltar Race you will be disqualified.


The Organization will transport from bivouac to bivouac, at no additional cost, No. 1 crate (sizes 80x40x40 or 80x35x45 cms for a maximum weight of 30 kgs.) for each participant. The crate may contain personal belongings, clothes, tools and spare parts of the motorbike. Any extra crate can be transported on demand (sent no later than 30 days before the start of Gibraltar Race). The cost is Euro 100 for each extra crate. Any other baggage different in shape and sizes will not be transported.


There are only the following three types of assistance:

    1. By the Organization, included in the registration fee: it provides the recovery of the motorbike broken or damaged. The rescue truck will transport the bike to the next bivouac.
    2. Assistance by private teams: some teams will offer their services for a fee to participants in the Gibraltar Race. Their list with services offered, cost and details to contact them will be available in the proper section.
    3. Individual or group assistance: when signing up or not later than 30 days before the start, you can register one or more vehicles and one or more persons to assist individual or group of riders paying additional fees specified in the proper section

Vehicles and personnel registered will be allowed to enter and remain in the bivouac areas and to access the route as specified in the General Regulation. Assistances will also be provided with a GPS tracker and, day by day, with the coordinates and the address of the next bivouac.


The service is carried out with ambulances 4×4 with paramedics and doctors and with the mobile medical unit at the bivouacs. The rescue of the pilot and his transport to the nearest suitable E.R., diagnostics and emergency interventions and, if necessary, repatriation (through an agreed insurance) are provided. However it is advisable to have a personal accident insurance policy valid for abroad.


All the route for pilots and for people involved in the Gibraltar Race will be open to traffic. For this reason is mandatory to comply with the rules to travel on them. There will be the following two types of routes:

  1. The Race Route: normally for pilots of Gibraltar Race, for some of vehicles of Organization, for registered assistance vehicles (as specified in the General Regulation), for medical aid.
  2. Shortest paved road from bivouac to bivouac: for Organization, logistic and some assistance vehicles, in order to travel from a camp to the next one.


Despite Gibraltar Race takes place in Europe it is advisable that motorbikes have a minimum autonomy of 150 kilometers. There are many gas stations, we suggest you to refuel whenever is possible.


Motorsports are dangerous.

The Organization does its best to prevent accidents or to mitigate their severity by following warnings:

  • always keep in mind that the whole route is on public road open to traffic
  • Reduce speed along difficult paths
  • Possible known pitfalls are reported along with waypoints

For a successful event the cooperation of pilots is required. They have to remember to:

  • Do not exceed their limits for a safe ride
  • Both where the path is natural and where it is paved it can have pitfalls normally not present in your country of origin
  • Not follow other competitors and leave your navigation or you will risk of getting lost

In case of accident, prompt intervention depends mainly on pilots:

  • First of all you have to use, where possible, the health emergency button on your GPS tracker (balise) and your mobile phone to call the Organization to the number “SOS GIB RACE”.
  • The emergency number is delivered on the first day with the ID bracelet.
  • Describe the kind and severity of the accident and report the number of the nearest waypoint and the possible distance to it according to GPS information
  • In case of lack of cellular coverage, if possible, you have to move towards the next waypoint or reach it.

For these reasons it is mandatory to have with you during Gibraltar Race the minimum safety equipment indicated in the General Regulation and a charged mobile phone and turned on.