Bridgestone tyres: advantages for registered riders

Moto Raid Experience is pleased that the partnership with Bridgestone continues for the 2020 edition.

The participants into the previous edition appreciated the Battlax Adventurecross AX41 and the Battlecross E50, the excellent tyres service and they took part in the Bridgestone Challenge.

The same will happen in Gibraltar Race 2020!

Bridgestone is still partner of the Gibraltar Race 2020,  thus all the participants may take advantage again of the important promotional offer on the purchase of tyres that the brand has developed specifically for adventure travels: Battlax Adventurecross AX41 e Battlecross E50.

For those who decide to participate into Gibraltar Race on Bridgestone tyres, the benefits do not end there!

Bridgestone with his official Tyre Service will follow the “Eastern Descent” to assist for free his pilots that will always have priority over the not Bridgestone riders. These last ones will be able to use and pay the service anyway.

Let’s recap the advantages offered by Bridgestone to his pilots:

  • performing tyres: Battlax Adventurecross AX41 and Battlecross E50 with a special purchase offer
  • transport and fitting included
  • tyre service during the race included and with priority

Bridgestone Challenge: how to win?

The Bridgestone Challenge is reserved for those participants into Gibraltar Race who will follow two simple rules during the race: use Bridgestone tyres and put the stickers of the brand on the front fender and on the rear swingarm of the bike. In this way they can compete for a special ranking which will reward three pilots: the best Bridgestone rider in the Overall Ranking, the one who will have shown the most fair-play during the event and the one who will receive the most votes on the social media FB and Instagram by publishing photos and short videos during the race using the proper hashtags.

Summing up the Bridgestone Challenge:

  • the BEST Bridgestone rider in the Overall Ranking
  • the most FAIRPLAY rider
  • the STRONGEST social media contender

For more information please wrtite to info@gibraltarrace.com

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