Alps Tourist Trophy 2022

Alps Tourist Trophy is a motorcycle tourist event with a ranking based on navigation skills and regularity. It is open to amateurs of at least 18 years old and with a valid driving licence for the motorcycle they are riding. Each motorbike must be road legal in the Country where it is registered. All documents, plates and insurance must be valid minimum 7 days after the end of the event. Each 2022 event allows participants to discover the most beautiful on and off road routes and the amazing tourist spots of Liguria / Toscana / Veneto / the Alps between Italy and France.


April 22 – 24

Alps Tourist Trophy Liguria

May 20 – 22

Alps Tourist Trophy Toscana

Aug. 28 – Sept. 2

Alps Tourist Trophy International

September 16 – 18

Alps Tourist Trophy Veneto

Weekend Adventure

Sense of freedom is what makes us feel truly alive, every day. Do not miss the opportunity to leave on your motorbike for a heroic and unforgettable weekend-adventure.

Two formulas, same goal


A formula dedicated to all those drivers who want to live an unforgettable experience without classification’s pressure


Test your Regularity and Navigation skills in the most famous Adeventure Challenge formula in Europe

Classes for 2022

Alps Tourist Trophy is for motorbike riders only.
All the motorbikes suitable for on and off road withsuitable tires are permitted.

Motorbikes and pilots are divided into following categories:
Tourist motorcycles: all motorbikes with multi-cylinder engine (no single-cylinder therefore)
Specialist motorcycles: all single-cylinder motorbikes

Pilots of the RAID formula have the full track of the route and they start after the pilots of the two categories.

What is the Adventure Challenge?

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