The twelfth stage of the 2019 Gibraltar Race ended in Zamora. An exciting day and a short classification for a tight final. Who will win?

All eyes are on the top of the charts: after Behling’s exit, Alistair Allan regained the lead but the advantage over his pursuers is small. With him in the Top 5 there are the usual friends and opponents Mark Kinnard and Bob Coerse, but also the two Italian newcomers Mirco Bettini and Ugo Filosa who made up ground along the way.

Internship 12 consisted of 250 km of transfer and 210 of specials all quite fast. The theme of the day was in fact straight dirt tracks with some sandy stretches and some puddles.

Surprisingly, the young Dutchman Xavier Tobé was the best of the day even if only by one point on Riccardo Taroni and ten on Pietro Bartolomei. For him, therefore, the honor to start first from Zamora for the penultimate stage that promises to be decisive.
Who will climb the highest step in front of the lighthouse of Finisterre? We’ll find out tomorrow.

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