Stage 11 of the Gibraltar Race 2019 was a long day of offroad and navigation through the desert of Los Monegros and the wildest Aragon. Great changes in the standings and resounding withdrawals: let’s have a look.

Stage 11 was also completed by our heroic participants: a long day of offroad and navigation not always easy through the desert of Los Monegros and the wild Aragon. Sandy terrain and fast sections were the main features of a 480 km long stage, 220 of which were off-road.

Important changes concern the top of the ranking, in turmoil mainly due to Jens Behling’s retirement. The German, in first place right from the start, was stopped by a mechanical failure in his 30-year-old BMW R100 HPN. He missed the stage to attempt a repair and accumulated heavy penalties. Unfortunately, the makeshift repair did not allow him to continue the race safely, so this morning, after saying goodbye one by one to the starters at the start, he got on his bike and headed to Germany.

In the first positions also Marcin Kowalcze retired for personal reasons and Renato Zocchi’s black day slipped into the standings due to problems with the navigator and a congestion that debilitated him. It is a real shame because with his Honda X-ADV he has been a protagonist from the start and now finds himself having to recover in the last few days with accumulated tiredness. Mirco Bettini and Ugo Filosa, on the other hand, are smiling, both in great recovery. Particularly at Filosa in the early days of the event a penalty was imposed for exceeding the speed limits on several occasions and the rider appealed. In front of them are the three veterans Allan Alistair, Bob Coerse and Mark Kinnard. The distances are very close and with three days to go everything can still happen.

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