A tough stop on Spanish territory that brought our heroic bikers from Prullans, in the Pyrenees, to Barbastro. Here’s the video with highlights of stage 10.

A tough stage that brought the Gibraltar Race here: despite the lower mileage than other previous stages, the offroad percentage was higher: 185 km out of 380 total. At the arrival the participants were distraught but smiling: so much off-road, with some stretches also very technical with descents and stones, it exhausted everybody. Many motorbikes needed interventions during the night as a result of wear and falls, and unfortunately there were other withdrawals due to breakdowns or fatigue, but the bivouac mood remains high: Finisterre’s arrival no longer seems an unreachable chimera, but it is getting closer and closer and the stages are more and more fun and challenging.

Today we are aiming for Miranda de Ebro bivouac, but it will be a long and hard day with over 220 km of offroad and 260 km of asphalt that will reward those who know how to navigate correctly and keep their strength. The Gibraltar Race is not a speed race, but a long journey that requires skill and consistency, endurance and great concentration.

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