In Arles the Gibraltar Race heroes take a well-deserved day off. Perfect opportunity to recover strength and spare parts, to welcome newcomers including the new forerunner and to take stock of the situation.

The day of rest arrived providentially after seven stages. The riders took advantage of the day to pick up some spare parts, do the laundry, fix the bike or simply relax and regain energy. In the meantime the Moto Raid Experience staff welcomed 15 newcomers registered for “Express 2”, the formula that allows them to participate in the second half of the race. In addition to them, this morning also the second forerunner, Joseph Palacios, begins his journey to Finisterre. “Jose” is a French rally driver (although the name reveals Spanish origins) of long experience who has taken part with excellent results in the best international races, including the Dakar.

The competition restarts with Jens Behling still in charge. The German riding the BMW R100 GS HPN has already taken a fair margin over veterans Bob Coerse and Allan Alistair. In fourth place goes Dominique Durussel, once again riding his trusty Honda XR400 “aged”. Mirco Bettini and Renato Zocchi are also ahead, both on Honda, respectively CRF1000L Africa Twin and X-ADV.

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