An incredible heatwave challenges the participants as they arrive in France from the Italian side of the Alps for the last stage of the first part of the Gibraltar Race. Let’s see how it went today.

We arrived in France on one of the toughest days of the 2019 Gibraltar Race, with what many riders said was the best of the stages so far. The thermometer scored peaks of 45°, 47° and the physical and mechanical resistance was put to the test. It took our heroes about twelve hours to complete the 500km course and a few “latecomers”, slowed down by crashes, punctures and flying repairs, even arrived at the bivouac late at night.

Fortunately here in Arles the Gibraltar Race takes the only day off.

A good night’s sleep, a swim in the pool, but also laundry and a nice check-up on the bike represent today’s “special sessions”. The less fortunate are already struggling with the repairs from early morning so as not to run the risk of not being able to leave tomorrow. Here in Arles there is also the exchange between the riders who have chosen to do only the Express 1, that is the first week, and those of the Express 2 that will continue until Finisterre.

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