The end of the fifth day of the Gibraltar Race 2019 is truly unique and spectacular: arrival and bivouac was set up at the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia.

Second finish in Italy in grand style for the Gibraltar Race 2019: the drivers finished the day at the Mille Miglia Museum. A torrid day accompanied the drivers on an all-Italian stage from Laives to Brescia. While they descended from the Alps to the Lombard city. A rise in temperature that is particularly mocking when some of the points at altitude were unfortunately not yet suitable for passage.

The result was therefore an internship that alternated more touristy and panoramic stretches with more technical off-road special sessions. At the end of the day the splendid setting of the Mille Miglia Museum welcomed a very special bivouac. The drivers had the opportunity to visit the museum and spend a nice evening together with many friends, including many ex-participants, who joined them for dinner.

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