The Gibraltar Race arrives in Italy and the first landing place is Laives, just outside Bolzano. This is how the fourth stage of the bike challenge that crosses Europe went.

Finally the Gibraltar Race caravan reaches our peninsula. First Italian stage is Laives, just outside Bolzano. Started from Passau at the first light, the participants faced a stage where the easiest stretches prevailed over the tougher part initially planned.

Despite the torrid temperatures of these days, many passages at high altitude are still not easy and forced us to change the initial route in favour of a more panoramic and safe road for all participants. The Gibraltar Race is a long journey and still many days separate us from the Finisterre lighthouse.

Future destination Brescia, Museo della Mille Miglia, for a very special bivouac.

As far as the ranking is concerned, Alistair Allan (BMW HP2, Class 1) continues to lead with an almost flawless drive, followed by Jens Behling who, we remind you, is participating for the second year with his BMW R100 HPN (Class 1). Veteran Mark Kinnard is third and leads in Class 3 on the KTM EXC500 Rally. Well also the Italians in recovery as Mirco Bettini (6th) and Ugo Filosa (4th), both in Class 1 with Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin, while we point out that Renato Zocchi, riding a special Honda X-ADV leads the Class 2 and is 8th overall.

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