The Gibraltar Race finally comes alive with the opening day of this fourth edition from Sopot, Gdansk. Here is an unexpected prologue.

Once the technical checks on the bikes have been completed, the registrations and medical examinations have been completed and, above all, the detailed briefing on the race procedures, the participants parade along the Sopot waterfront and go on stage one by one for the honours of the presentation. The race number is given to them by the exceptional forerunner Franco Picco together with the Moto Raid Experience staff, organizer of the event.

The tension begins to rise when the time of the prologue comes. The contestants put on their overalls, boots and helmet and are finally ready for action, but… not everything is as they expect!

Instead of completing the route in the shortest possible time on their bikes, they are faced with a selective webbing on folding bikes. Laughter (and even unlikely crashes!) will immediately dampen the competitive climate and you’ll all be friends again. What it takes to find the right motivation to get on the saddle at dawn and aim for the first real stage.

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