The two legendary rally drivers will be exceptional forerunners of the “Baltic-Atlantic” edition.

The 2019 edition of the Gibraltar Race promises to be more memorable every day. In addition to the completely new course, with the departure from the Baltic Sea and the surprise final on the Atlantic Ocean, an additional reason for satisfaction for the participants will come from being captained by two exceptional forerunners. In fact, Franco Picco and Roberto Boano will precede the drivers along the route. Two legendary names for all rally lovers who will take turns in the fundamental task of the forerunner, the one who every day will start about an hour in advance to check the conditions of the route and report any anomalies to the participants. This is a task of prestige, of course, but also of great responsibility and who if not two rally veterans like Picco and Boano can perform it in the best way?

Franco Picco will have the first half of the course, while Roberto Boano will have the second. The witness who will have to pass halfway will be the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Adventure Sports with the number 0, the one who wakes up in the morning before everyone else!

The exchange will take place Thursday, June 27 in the late afternoon in Cuneo in Piazza Foro Boario for all those interested in attending.

Moto Raid Experience is certain that their presence will offer the members an extra reason for satisfaction, but also the certainty of having an important and reliable reference point on the track. Surely it will also be a great fun for the two aces who, in spite of the springs, still enjoy opening the throttle like when they raced the Paris – Dakar in the eighties.

The starting grid for the 2019 Gibraltar Race is almost complete and the deadline for entries is 30 April or 99 starters.


Roberto Boano, Italian and World Motocross rider, in 1976 founded a small workshop that over the years has become a reference point for all rally lovers and not only. He started five Paris-Dakar, two of them as official Honda rider and in 1991 he finished 11th overall on the legendary Africa Twin, a bike to which his name remains inextricably linked thanks to his famous preparations. Since then he dedicates himself to the realization of replica motorcycles, to the preparation of rally motorcycles and special parts.


How to sum up a rally legend in a few words? Franco Picco started racing in motocross in 1976 and in 1985 he took part for training in his first Paris-Dakar race finishing on the podium! Since then it’s a love for the dunes, a passion that leads him to take part in ten Paris-Dakar (second best result in 1988 and 1989) and many other South American Dakar, to win 3 Pyramids Rally, 2 Pharaohs Rally and one Transpana. This year, at the beauty of 63 years old, he finished in tenth place in the Africa Eco Race!

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